The PM Channel


Which is the best browser to use?

Our site is optimised for Chrome, Safari or Edge web browsers.  Older versions of IE may not allow videos to play.

I am logged in but no videos will play?

This could be a restriction of your firewall or the browser you are using.  Check to see if you can play a Vimeo or YouTube video first.  If you can't then you will need to access our site from a different network.  

My new login credentials are not working?

You may need to clear the cache in your browser if you have changed or been sent updated login credentials.

Where do I find my Provek pre-course videos?

If you have been sent your login credentials because you are a delegate on a Provek training course, your pre-course videos can be found by going to the Home page and scrolling down to below the feature grid of content to the listing of videos on the left hand side.  Your pre-course videos will be the first list item.