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Agile Business Conference 2015


Sustaining Agile in the Organisation

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Presentations from 50 international conferences by leading practitioners


    ​The Inexorable Rise of Agile

    Steve Denning discusses the dynamics of the ongoing transformation from the Traditional Economy of hierarchical bureaucracy to the radically different Agile management practices of the Creative Economy.


    How to Combine PRINCE2 with Agile

    ​Keith Richards​ is the founder and director of agileKRC, a company which specialises in using agile approaches to improve the way organisations manage projects and business change.


    ​Driving Business Agility

    Manav Mehan, Janet Randell & Stephen Grafton​ from TCS are joined by Janet Randell from Aviva to discuss Aviva’s Agile transformation journey and how it drives Business Agility. They will focus on the approach taken to driving Organisational Agility and embedding Agile Culture, with a particular focus on addressing the practical challenges of Global Scale and Distributed working.


    ​Inspiring a Culture of Innovation through Change

    ​Kim Wylie​ will discuss how people are key to any organisation’s seamless change and transformation by understanding employee needs while implementing a top-down and bottom-up program of acceptance with open communication.


    Case Study: ​Ticketmaster: Giving Agile a Backstage Pass to all Areas of the Business

    ​In this talk, Gerry McDonnell focusses on Ticketmaster’s journey and how they are engaging people from non-projects backgrounds through training and mentoring, an international Kaizen program and through a companywide drive to remove technical debt.


    Optimising and Sustaining Agile within an Organisation

    ​In this keynote Jake Hazeldine & Rob Smith​ will draw on a number of real-world examples to discuss the Agile operating model and the transformation challenges this brings.


    ​The Agile Software Factory – Delivering Success Year on Year

    ​In this case study, Founder Johan Lybaert, will relate his story, backed by some very impressive statistics, of more than a decade of Agile success. Johan will be joined by one of his customers to demonstrate how this success was achieved.


    ​What Price Agile?

    ​This talks looks at commercial models that provide price certainty whilst maintaining a degree of flexibility, something which is particularly useful for customers when they first use Agile.


    ​Delivery Mapping: Building an Agile Organisation

    How can your organisation get the predictability it wants for planning and budgeting, and still benefit from the rich feedback of iterative agile delivery? And how can your staff develop and build a career in a flat organisation? The answer might lie in the emerging areas of Delivery Mapping and Skills Liquidity.


    Belinda Waldock

    ​In order to become a truly agile organisation its people must embrace and apply agile thinking at every level of the business. The primary driver for successful agile adoption within a business is the level of buy in achieved amongst its teams.


    ​Behaviour Driven Change

    Ahmad Fahmy talks about how teams that are working well together can be transformed into an Agile organisation with a common problem. He will draw on his experiences in India working with 11 separate teams.


    ​5 Rules for Unlocking Team Potential

    ​In this talk Eban Halford​ looks at over 20 years of evidence based research, what it says about teams, and the enabling factors needed to get productivity gains claimed for them. He considers what makes teams different from groups, structures that enable teams, team motivation, organisational context and finally appropriate team coaching and intervention models.